Elegant Family Entertaining

Show: The Nate Berkus Show
Date: February 24, 2012
Guest: Rachel Hollis

On the February 24th episode of the Nate Berkus show, Real Housewife of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice was on to share some of the recipes from her book, Fabulicious!   Afterwards, party planner Rachel Hollis was on to share some secrets for family-style entertaining.

Family Table

Rachel says the star of the show is the food, so make sure that looks great.

Tip 1 – Create an inexpensive guestbook out of linen. As guests come over, they can write something on the tablecloth with markers.
Tip 2 – To ensure the food remains the star of the show, make sure that your dinnerware is very basic. On her table she used plain white plates and platters.
Tip 3 – Try to mix up your food from the every day, In Rachel’s example, instead of serving plain noodles, she served noodle nests, just to give it some originality. She also had a “flight of meatballs” so everyone gets to try different types of meatballs.


A Flight of Meatballs

Tip 4 – As a conversation starter, create trivia cards for each person. Ask questions like where is the family originally from or what is grandma’s birthday. Rachel says this is interactive and great to teach kids about family history.
Tip 5 – Create a garland or centrepiece that goes with the event.  An example Rachel gives, is if your birthday dinner is for someone who is a voracious reader,  make a garland out of pages from old books.
Tip 6 – Put anything that can’t fit on a sideboard.  She likes to have a wine station, as well as some items to nibble on while guests are waiting for dinner to be ready.

If you are curious, you can get Teresa’s book

Rachel’s website is MyChicLife.com

See the video here: