Katie Lee’s Garden Party on the Nate Berkus Show

Show:  The Nate Berkus Show
Date:  May 9, 2012
Guest:  Katie Lee


On the May 9th episode of the Nate Berkus Show,  chef Katie Lee brought some recipes for throwing a garden party.   She stated she loves throwing garden parties because you don’t have to worry about getting a location decorated, since it pretty much already is!  Just provide some twinkle lights or paper lanterns, and you’re good to go!

Her Menu:

No Bake Lemon Pie?!

Caramelized Vidalia Onion Dip With Homemade Potato Chips
Curried Chicken Salad in Pitas
Tomato Sandwiches
Shrimp Salad Sandwiches
Bibb Lettuce Salad with Avocado, Grapefruit, and Toasted Almonds
Passion Fruit Mojitos (Sounds soooo yummy!)
Frozen Lemon Cream Pie

 For the recipes, you can visit Nate’s website: http://www.thenateshow.com/howto/detail/katie-lees-garden-party