Keep Calm & Party On

Show:  The Today Show
Date:  July 12, 2012
Guest:  Sarah Humphreys, Real Simple Magazine


Keep Calm and Party On

Keep Calm and Party On (or how to be a more relaxed host)

Because throwing a party can be a lot of stress and work, Sarah Humphreys, Executive Editor from Real Simple magazine, was on the Today show to share her tips on staying relaxed when entertaining this summer.

Three Things to Include on the Invitations

Tell when you are grilling.  You can avoid having to re-fire the grill for late arrivals.
If you have a rain date, put it on the invite. You can also put “Rain or Shine”, so you won’t have to deal with people calling that day asking if the party is still going to happen).
Put the ‘dress code’ on it as well.  Some people have a different idea of what ‘casual’ means, so just be specific!

Think Piñatas

The next tip she had was to include a piñata for all ages.  You can get them from party supply stores.  Sarah suggests using a monochromatic colours scheme of candies to look more chic.,But some other ideas are lottery tickets, seed packets, water guns, fake moustaches, fortune telling fish (anyone know what these are?). The diamond piñata shown is from Confetti System.
Silver Piñata

Filling ideas:

Food – What to Serve

Since you don’t want to be  cooking all day, keep it simple.  Serve Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.  Just make sure to practice good food safety, and keep things like salads on ice.   Get fancier for the drinks and desserts.  Have a signature cocktail.  The one shown here is a Limeade Margarita – 2 cups of limeade along with some tequila and triple sec.  I wish she said how much liquor to put in,  I made the margaritas WAY too strong at my Cinco de Mayo party!  Put ice to the side so you don’t water down the drink.  If you don’t have a cooler,  get creative with how to store ice.  You can line a planter with plastic wrap and fill them with ice.  I like those galvanized containers to put drinks in.  The dessert shown is some type of pistachio parfait; with pistachio ice cream, hot fudge and chocolate cookies.  You can make it ahead of time, and take it out of the freezer just before serving.
Pistachio Parfaits    Hamburgers & Hot Dogs

Tip for when it is Hot Hot Hot

Get some dollar store towels, roll them up and put them in ice.  People can take them and put them on the backs of their necks if they are overheating.
Cool Towels

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